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Sub Ohm Vaping Safety


Sub Ohm vaping is inherently dangerous, do not attempt it unless you are an experienced vaper.

Vape On! LLC does not recommend Sub Ohm (below 1.0 Ohm) vaping at all and particularly not with unknown batteries, if you must vape Sub Ohm then use only specialized batteries with high constant discharge current ratings.

Currently the KNOWN safe constant discharge currents for AW and Efest batteries stand at 5.5a for 18350 size and 10a for 18650 size.

This makes the lowest safe coil resistances 0.76 Ohms for 18350 and 0.42 Ohms for 18650. DO NOT go below these levels unless you have specialized batteries and have seen the manufacturers specs regarding safe constant discharge current.

When measuring coils for Sub Ohm vaping it is recommended that you use a CALIBRATED multimeter, not a standard atomiser resistance testing box, these are fine for general vaping and as an indicator to show dead shorts but a difference of 0.1 Ohms between the display and actual resistance could result in battery failure during Sub Ohm vaping.

Always remember to check measurements twice before connecting your atomiser and when first firing a new build be aware of warning signs that something may be wrong such as the Mod body getting warm.

For those using multi coil setups a resistance calculator can be found here - http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-paralresist.htm


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