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Starter Kit Setup

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical
Your new starter kit contains two batteries, two tanks, seven atomizers, wall adapter, instruction book and USB charger. The reason for having multiple parts in a starter kit is so that you always have a fully charged battery and back up parts in case something goes wrong (If you don't have backups and cannot vape you are very likely to return to smoking).

Now let's talk about the parts:

 -The tank is the part on top that contains the e-liquid, it has a removable base, a top and the atomizer which is screwed into the base, the atomizer should be tightened each time the base is removed and will need replacement every two to four weeks. To fill the tank remove the base, tilt the tank to the side slightly and pour the liqiud down the side avoiding the air tube in the center. The tank holds 1.6 ML and is full when the eliquid reaches the top of the air tube.


-The battery is the part on the bottom with the button. The 510/Ego connection should always be kept clean and dry. This can be accomplished using a paper towel, napkin or q tip. It should always be cleaned prior to charging to avoid damaging the battery or charger.


-While a car adapter or tower type computer may be used to power the USB charger the wall adapter is the prefered means (the output should be 500 miliamps).


-The USB charger screws onto the battery.  When connected properly the light on the battery will flash a few times and the light on the charger will turn red, when charging is complete the light on the charger will turn green (charging a completely drained battery should take 3-4 hrs).


-To turn the battery on or off press the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds.


-To remove the tank from the battery, hold the unit upside down (tip facing the floor) grasp the base of the tank and unscrew.


Of course if you ever need help with any of this we will always make time to explain in the store.


Good luck and Vape On!


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