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Brewing Basics: What you will need


Commercial sanitizers such as B-bright and C-Bright are available at your local homebrew store, just follow the directions.  As an alternative, bleach can be used as well at the ratio of one tablespoon per gallon of water.  Bleach solution should be left in contact with the surface for at least 15 minutes. To avoid an off taste in your batch the bleach solution should be rinsed with boiled water.  Rinsing is not necessary, but it is recommended.

Brew Pot

Should be a sturdy, basic brewing kettle made of stainless steel, with two handles and a stainless steel lid. A 32 qt (8 gal) capacity is suitable for boiling up to 7 gallons of wort or a 20 qt (5 gal) is good for up to 5 gallons of wort. The kettle body can easily be drilled to attach valves or other accessories.

5 Gallon Beer Ingredient Kit

It is recommended that new brewers begin with pre-assembled ingredient kits.  The kit will come with all of the necessary ingredients in pre-measured amounts.  Just follow the directions that come with the kit, there are slight variations for different brews.

Primary Fermenter  

This is usually a 6.5 gal food grade plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid, drilled at the bottom for the spigot; the lid is also drilled for the air lock.

Secondary Fermenter

This is usually a 5 or 6 gal glass or PET carboy. Glass carboys are preferred because plastic carboys are too oxygen permeable, causing staling.

Air Lock

The airlock is a one way valve which consists of the body, the piston, and vented cap.  It should be filled with sanitizing solution and inserted into a drilled stopper or bung to vent gases during fermentation and to keep oxygen and bugs out. 

Long Handle Spoon

A 24 in stainless steel spoon is preferred, but plastic will do.  Never use a wooden spoon as they can foul the taste of your brew and they can also harbor microbes and bacteria.

Auto Siphon

Also known as a racking cane.  A racking hose is a flexible, plastic hose, used to siphon wine or beer from one vessel to another. It is used in both racking and bottling operations. A racking cane is a rigid tube, often bent or "L"-shaped, that is attached to the racking hose to make racking easier.


These can be purchased from your local home brew store.  Amber or green are preferred because they limit light exposure.  As an alternative any bottle that is designed for pry off lids will do.  Bottles that are designed for twist off lids are too thin and should not be used.

Bottle Caps

Also know as crowns, these can be purchased at your local home brew store, check the beer ingredient kit, it might have the caps inside.

Bottle Capper

A bottle capper is a device used to seal bottle caps during the bottling process. The cap is placed on the bottle and both handles are pulled down to crimp the crown around the bottle top.


A meat thermometer will be fine as long as it has been cleaned and sanitized. (maybe get one just for brewing)



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