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Care and Maintenance of Electronic Cigarettes


All elctronic devices, cell phones, games,watches, etc. require maintenance, E- cigarettes are no different

  • Atomizers will last on average between two and four weeks

  • Atomizers  and tanks can be cleaned with distilled water or pure grain alcohol (not rubbing alcohol - isopropyl). This may prolong their lifespan

  • Anytime you fill your tank be sure the atomizer is not loose, this can cause it to leak or not work

  • When attaching any parts to your device, do not overtighten...snug is good

  • Batteries will accept about 300 charges in their lifetime

  • Before attaching your battery to it's charger, always clean any liquid from the battery first (e liquid does conduct electricity and can cause the charger or battery to be damaged)

  • Once your battery is fully charged remove it from the charger, overcharging can decrease the lifespan of your battery

  • Never leave your battery unattended while charging

  • It is best to fully discharge your battery and then fully charge your battery

  • If your battery becomes overly warm or gives off any gas or an unpleasant oder discard immediately, safely and properly...If you feel that it is safe to transport or if it just dies we will dispose of it for you (We don't want to fill the landfills with caustic material) Be a responsible vaper!

  • Never leave your battery in your automobile or any otther place that might become very warm

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