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Battery Safety


In the electronic cigarette “mod” world there are two main types of batteries.  ICR and IMR.


ICR = LiCoO2 (typical Li-ion)
IMR = LiMn


  • It is generally accepted that IMR batteries use a safer chemistry than ICRs which is why ICRs can be purchased with and without protection circuits.
  • IMRs can support higher discharge rates than ICRs (high drain) and are a better choice for lower resistance coils and mechanical devices.
  • Although some ICRs have increased storage capacity (mAh) they may not always be able to deliver the amps requires to power your device.


  1. First, use any electronic cigarette or device AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  2. Label/date your batteries so you know how long they’ve been in-use.  If they’re still going after a year, toss them unless you have the ability to check their status.
  3. Buy your batteries from reputable venders. 
  4. If you are using a protected device you should be ok with any battery selection.   If not, use a safer chemistry IMR or “hybrid”.
  5. Get a QUALITY intelligent charger.
  6. Do no over discharge your battery.  When you’re battery approaches 3.3 volts, it’s time to charge.
  7. Do not carry loose batteries.  Batteries thrown in a purse or pocket could find metal and short.  Exposed batteries have the potential to short when not properly protected. Batteries should always be transported in plastic cases.
  8. Try not to stack, but if you MUST… 1) use protected batteries (unless your device doesn’t like protected batteries then see the following points), 2) use a fuse if your device doesn’t have built in protection, 3) use a like pair, 4) your like pair should have been purchased at the same time… they are married.  They like to be together and spend all their time together.  So they want to be discharged (in the device) and charged (on the charger) together.  Never stack unlike batteries, or like batteries of unknown condition.
  9. If you’re using sub ohm coils (which Vape On! LLC does not recommend  – KNOW YOUR BATTERY!  Be sure that the battery is capable and rated to generate the amount of amps required by your setup!  For example:


Setup 1 = 1 ohm coil with a loaded voltage of 4.0V (just an example).  Using Ohms law, Amps = Voltage/Resistance = 4 Amp Draw.  Most 18650's and some 18350's can support this.


Setup 2 = .3 ohm coil (which Vape On! LLC DOES NOT recommend) with a loaded voltage of 4.0V (again, just an example).  Using Ohms law, Amps = Voltage/Resistance = 13.3 Amp Draw. Most 18650's and all 18350's cannot support this!

 If you are not sure...don;t do it!




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