12090 County Line Rd
Madison, Al




Vape On LLC was founded by Tod Yarbrough and his wife Tammy Yarbrough  early in 2013. Our mission is to help people who smoke to quit, today and forever through the use of electronic cigarettes. We strive to give the best customer service possible to the local community where we not only do business, but live as well. The company embraces  Total Quality Management (TQM), which encompasses the following principles:

  •   Focus on the customer,
  •   Improve continuously, and
  •   Involve everyone.


Our People:


Tod Yarbrough (Co-Owner)

I have been married to my wife  Tammy for over 20 years and have a son named Alexander.  I quit smoking the same day that I started vaping as seen above.  I enjoy fish keeping as a hobby and believe it or not I kind of like cutting the grass.  I hate cold weather and love hot weather.  My family and I are members of The Grove Baptist Church  in Madison Alabama.  One of my most gratifying moments in life is when we send someone out of our store knowing they now have a much better than average chance of never smoking another cigarette. Vape On!


Tammy Yarbrough (Co-Owner)

I am a very blessed wife and mother who believes that the Lord has given us this opportunity to change people's lives. I love cleaning, cooking and couponing. It's such a fantastic feeling to see someone decide to stop smoking and start vaping...God is AWESOME...Vape On! 





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